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Our Passion for photography is what sets us apart from the rest. We love doing what we do. We pour our heart and soul into every shoot and the outcome represents our inner soul. Our mission is to be the best photographers in our area, and eventually, grow into being the best there is. With our affordable rates, our passion and skillset, our clients are always happy with our services. We enjoy meeing new people and taking our skills to places they've never been. We encourage a challenge, so if you have a request that seems too hard to pull off, we would love to give it a try. Call us today to speak with us about your photography needs. Its always free to chat!

My name is Derek, and since an early age I formed a love for photography, and it has lasted till the present day. I started taking pictures at a very early age, but it was just a hobby at the time. As I matured, and got older, my eye adjusted to more of an artistic photo journalistic approach to photography, and my friends and family said I should do something with my talent. One of my friends asked me to photograph her wedding, because it was an inexpensive approach for her, and I realized that I wanted to continue this hobby as a job.

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